This project includes running fiber on:

  • All township roads that have existing structures
  • All private roads with existing structures
  • All driveways to  existing homes regardless of length. If you sign up for service before April 30, 2019, there will be no installation fees.  For anyone who signs up after this date, there will be a fee to bring service from the main line to your residence: $300 for up to 300 feet of line installation. Additional feet are charged at $1.00 per foot.This includes the installation of the cable from the main line to the home and the service box on the home.  These boxes are usually mounted where existing services enter the home.

The legal requirements of the bond are such that all bond monies be expended on the project.  There are no provisions for early repayment of the bond. Currently, additional expenditures are being considered to add more construction crews to bring as many residents online as possible before the ground is freezes, and as quickly as possible after the ground thaws. If any additional funds are available when all residents are connected, they will be devoted to building an additional backhaul connection to increase the reliability of the township network.

There is a penalty clause written into the Henkles & McCoy contract – this penalty is $300 dollars per day after the agreed upon completion date.  There are stipulations which do recognize credit for days they were unable to work due to acts of God.  The contract also includes some intermediary deadlines without financial penalties. Since additional financial penalties can increase risk for construction firms bidding on the project, the decision was made  to not tie penalties to these deadlines to encourage lower bid submissions.

The estimate for completion of the mainline fiber construction has been pushed back one quarter, from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020.
Households in the Werkner and Island Lake zones are coming online now and will be connected by the end of this year.
Most drops in the Central Office and Boyce zones will be done this year with home installations continuing through the winter
As drops from the road to individual homes cannot be completed while the ground is frozen, households in the remaining zones will likely not be connected until the ground thaws in the spring.

Many homes will be completed by the end of Q2, 2020 with remaining households completed in Q3, 2020.

The project is currently under budget and projected to be completed under budget.

Home Installation & Service

Lyndon Township broadband provider will be Midwest Energy and Communication (MEC). The monthly rates to be provided by MEC for internet, phone and managed wi-fi are:

Unlimited Fiber Internet

25Mbs up & down100Mbps up & down1Gps up & down

Unlimited Phone


Bundle Internet and Phone and receive a $10 discount

Managed Wi-Fi
+ $5/month

Managed Wi-Fi service includes a high-tech router plus unlimited 24/7 remote support. Free for Gig Subscribers.

Seasonal Rate $15/month (for each service)

Off-season pricing for up to six months each year for seasonal residents. Off-season service includes 2 Mbps (upload/download) speed and if you have phone service, you keep your phone number and can dial 911.

There is a one year service contract.

All questions regrading Internet Services for Lyndon Township can be directed to our Internets Service Provider:

Midwest Energy and Communications

1 800 492-5989

A managed wireless router will be available to subscribers for an additional modest monthly fee.  Subscribers may choose to use their own wireless router.

You will be able to  to run the service to your out buildings.  The property owner will be responsible for the additional cost of this work.  This is essentially running an Ethernet cable form your home to the outbuilding.  Ethernet cables are rated to span a distance of 100 meters.

There will be a service box mounted on your house,  It is  14”x10”x 2 ½”.

These are usually mounted in area where electric service enters the home although this location can be changed. There will also be a pedestal placed along shared property lines to service two homes.

The pedestals are 10.5” square by 32” tall. In more congested areas, a technology will be used that will service to six homes in either direction from a single pedestal.

For everyone who initially subscribes to the service,  there will be no requirement to provide any additional equipment or pay any other charges other than the millage and monthly service fees.

If you signed up for service before April 30, 2019, there will be no installation fees.  For anyone who signs up after this date, there will be a fee to bring service from the main line to your residence: $300 for up to 300 feet of line installation. Additional feet are charged at $1.00 per foot.

For more information on home installation see April presentation slides:

Tax & Government

Area realtors report that there have been a significant number of home buyers who chose not to even look at – let alone purchase – homes or property when they discover that broadband access is not available. This translates into lower home values, and means that when a parcel has access to broadband, its value rises. A 2015 study from the University of Colorado found that this difference nationally is around 7.1% – so a home valued at $200,000 would increase in value by around $14,200.

Unlike fees that are paid directly to internet service providers, the millage for this broadband project will be deductible from federal and state taxes for those who itemize their tax returns.

Based on current property valuation information available from the township, the new bond will cost the average homeowner $263/year ($21.92/month). Cost of the millage to pay the bond is calculated at $2.91 per $1000 of taxable value (taxable value is about ½ the home’s market value).

After building the fiber network the township will partner with one or more service providers to deliver Internet access to residents.

Estimated monthly costs for basic Internet access will be about $35 – $45 for 100Mb of bandwidth. 1Gb bandwidth will be available for $60 -$70 a month.

Total costs for a resident to get broadband service: millage bond costs + monthly costs for Internet access: For the average homeowner in Lyndon Township 100Mb service will be around $57-$67 a month.

The first millage payment will appear on you 2018 Winter tax bill.

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