Project Timeline

May 2

Feasibility Study Delivered

Pulse Broadband delivers a feasibility study on the construction of a fiber optic network throughout the township. The study shows a long term viability of the project, contingent upon a millage to fund startup costs  Also uncovered are a number of areas that will require additional research and key decision points requiring community input before a final millage amount can be requested.
June 1

Residents Affirm Support

Residents receive a survey with the summer tax bill aimed at gauging public interest in broadband. 83% of the registered voter respondents said that having high speed Internet was “important “or “very important”. Additionally, when asked to prioritize a list of fifteen issues respondents ranked broadband access as second in importance, behind only “protecting water quality.”

May 9

Board Approves Ballot Language

Following strong support from residents, the Lyndon Township Board unanimously approves ballot language for a bond proposal to fund construction of a fiber optic broadband network serving every home in Lyndon Township.

August 8

Voters Pass Millage

Lyndon Township residents approve a 20-year, $7 million bond proposal to fund construction of a community owned fiber optic broadband network serving every home in Lyndon Township. The vote passes with 622 (66%) voting yes, and 321 (34%) voting no–and with a record high non-general election voter turnout of over 43%.

October 28

Implementation Committee Formed

After a two-month open call for volunteers, Lyndon Township board selects an Implementation Committee of six members and six sub committees comprised of Lyndon Township residents to oversee the construction and implementation.

December 14

RFP Issued for Engineering

Lyndon Township board issues a RFP (Request for Proposal) for the engineering, design and construction management of the fiber optic network.

January 25

Finley Engineering Selected

Lyndon Township board approves the selection of Finley Engineering as the project engineer, construction manager and inspection service provider for the Lyndon Broadband Project.

March 6

RFI for ISP Issued

Lyndon Township board issues a RFI (Request for Information) to gather information and aid in the selection of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP will provide both customer service to subscribers and the backbone to connect the township’s fiber optic network to the Internet.

May 24

MEC Selected as Operator

After an exhaustive selection process, Midwest Energy & Communication (MEC) is chosen by the board to operate the new fiber optic network under a 5-year contract. MEC will be providing drop and home installation services, customer support, and Internet connectivity to residents.

July 9

RFP issued for Outside Plant Project

The board issues a RFP (Request for Proposal) for the Outside Plant Project–the actual construction/installation of the approximately 70 miles of mainline fiber optic cable within the township.

August 28

Henkels and McCoy Selected

The Broadband Implementation Committee put forward their recommendation of Henkels and McCoy for the Outside Plant (OSP) constructor. The board accepts the committee’s recommendation and awards the contract.

November 12

Construction Begins

Contractor Henkels and McCoy begins construction on the private roads that have been staked in the Werkner and Island Lake Zones. The fiber enters Lyndon Township on Werkner Road, just east of M-52 in the SE corner of the township.